Tarbut V Torah✡️ is Officially Illuminati🔼 Confirmed(Satire)

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You always wonder what teachers are doing besides giving detentions and assigning homework. Walking through the Tarbut V’Torah middle school hallway, one would have never guessed what had been lurking inside. Boom, look to your right and you see your average teacher’s lounge, a no kids zone. You’d think the teacher’s lounge was somewhere where teachers would gossip about students and drink coffee, but you’ll never guess what really happens inside the teacher’s lounge. Hide your families, shut the doors and say your last goodbyes because you’ll never escape after you find out the teachers real diabolical plans.

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If you’ve ever walked into a room full of people, and they all became very quiet or they stopped talking as soon as you entered, you can be sure that every single one of them were Illuminati, and you stumbled into the middle of a meeting you weren’t supposed to see. Consider yourself very lucky to be alive.”  Their meetings usually take place on Wednesdays during late start time. Teachers also restrain use of phones during school because their illuminati server is active during the time of 8-3, so if students use their phones during school hours, all of their illuminati information will be exposed. So make sure if you see any of this suspicious activity to turn them into the authorities. Oh and just kidding, happy Purim, our teachers are good hearted people.

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