TVT Has Been Filming A Netflix Docuseries for Years and No One Has Noticed 🙈(Satire)

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TVT Has Been Filming A Netflix Docuseries for Years and No One Has Noticed 🙈(Satire)

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Much like popular television shows Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Making A Murderer, our very own TVT has been filming the lives of students and teachers for a Netflix docuseries called “The Real Mensches of TVT”. The only difference is the subjects themselves don’t know they’re being filmed.

Season 1 takes place in 1991 and tells the story of TVT expanding to include high school students and even contains footage of staff interviews, not only do we get to see our very own teachers’ first impressions on the school, but we also see footage of teacher interviewees who didn’t quite make the cut.

While the majority of the show takes place on campus, cameras have been known to follow students’ and teachers’ personal lives but only when storylines interfere in school related curriculums or activities. While the show is reminiscent of popular television shows The Office and Arrested Development with irreverent and candid comedy stylings, because we are witnessing true events some scenes and episodes may be more dramatic in nature. The show has actually been reviewed by critics and praised for it’s “genius use of comedy in tackling serious issues while intertwining the heart of jewish culture” – Ariana Bacle, Entertainment Weekly.

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By the way, this is a joke. HAPPY PURIM!!!

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